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What is an asthma nebulizer?

An asthma nebulizer, otherwise called a breathing machine, changes asthma drugs from a fluid to fog, with the goal that it tends to be all the more handily breathed into the lungs. Home nebulizer treatment is especially compelling in conveying asthma drugs to babies and little kids and to any individual who can’t utilize asthma inhalers with spacers.

To get an asthma nebulizer, you need medicine from your doctor. Home nebulizers change in cost (roughly $200-250) and are generally secured under the sturdy clinical hardware bit of medical coverage arrangements. Be that as it may, most insurance agencies will expect you to work with a predetermined solid clinical gear provider. Check with your insurance agency before buying or leasing to guarantee it will be secured. Your medical services supplier ought to have the option to help you with these game plans.

To begin with, you will require the accompanying supplies:

Air blower

Nebulizer cup

Veil or mouthpiece

Drug (either unit portion vials or jugs with estimating gadgets)

Blower tubing

When you have the vital supplies:

Spot the air blower on a tough surface that will uphold its weight. Attachment the rope from the blower into an appropriately grounded (three-prong) electrical outlet.

Prior to asthma treatment, wash your hands with cleanser and water and dry totally.

Cautiously measure drugs precisely as you have been told and placed them into the nebulizer cup. Most meds today come in premeasured unit portion vials so estimating isn’t essential. In the event that you do gauge, utilize a different, clean estimating gadget for every prescription.

Amass the nebulizer cup and cover or mouthpiece.

Interface the tubing to both the vaporized blower and the nebulizer cup.

Turn on the blower to ensure it is working effectively. You should see a light fog returning from the of the cylinder inverse the mouthpiece.

Sit up straight on an agreeable seat. On the off chance that the treatment is for your kid, the person may sit on your lap. In the event that you are utilizing a cover, position it easily and safely on your or your kid’s face. On the off chance that you are utilizing a mouthpiece, place it between your or your youngster’s teeth and seal the lips around it.

Take moderate, full breaths. In the event that conceivable, hold every breath for 2-3 seconds before breathing out. This permits the prescription to sink into the aviation routes.

Proceed with the treatment until the medicine is gone (a normal of 10 minutes). The nebulizer will make a faltering clamor, and the cup will have only a little drug remaining.

On the off chance that discombobulation or nervousness happens, stop the treatment and rest for around 5 minutes. Proceed with the treatment, and attempt to inhale all the more gradually. On the off chance that unsteadiness or anxiety keeps on being an issue with future medicines, educate your primary care physician.

How would I care for my home asthma nebulizer?


Cleaning and purifying your home nebulizer hardware is basic and significant. Legitimate consideration forestalls contamination. Cleaning ought to be done in a residue and sans smoke territory away from open windows.

Adhere to these guidelines when cleaning your hardware:

After every treatment, flush the nebulizer cup completely with warm water, shake off overabundance water, and let the air dry. Toward the finish of every day, the nebulizer cup, cover, or mouthpiece ought to be washed in warm sudsy water utilizing a mellow cleanser, flushed completely, and permitted to air dry.

Each third day, subsequent to washing your hardware, clean the gear utilizing either a vinegar/water arrangement or the disinfectant arrangement your hardware provider recommends. To utilize the vinegar arrangement, blend 1/2 cup white vinegar with 1/2 cups of water. Douse the gear for 20 minutes and flush well under a constant flow of water. Shake off the abundant water and permit to air dry on a paper towel. Continuously permit the gear to totally dry before putting away in a plastic, zippered sack.

Putting away

Spread the blower with a perfect fabric when not being used. Keep it clean by cleaning it with an off, sodden fabric varying.

Try not to put the air blower on the floor either for medicines or for capacity.

Prescriptions ought to be put away in a cool, dry spot. Check them regularly. In the event that they have changed shading or shaped precious stones, discard them and supplant them with new ones.

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