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The Importance of Flood Risk Assessments

If you are in the process of putting in for a planning application and you have been told that you must put in for a floor risk assessment (FRA) as part of the application process, it is important to find assistance in doing so as early in the process as possible. It might sometimes feel like just another cost to add to the long list that you often come up against, but it is needed to gain planning permission in many cases, and it could highlight some issues that stop the project altogether or provide important information to mitigate against future problems.

We’ve seen in recent years how the annual flood season in the UK has caused widespread panic, distress and disturbance to villages and towns throughout the country. If you are looking to build on new land or change an existing plot of land or structure it is important to understand all the information surrounding that, with a range of surveys undertaken for different types of properties, land and planning applications, Flood risk assessments are therefore an important part of this process and it is important to find a company that can provide you with this service in a thorough and accurate way.

A flood risk assessment provides you with a document that highlights the risk of flooding to a potential development. This could be flood risk from groundwater, from surface water, sewer sources, from a local river, or estuary/coastal. It will show whether a development is at risk from flooding, as well as the impact flooding could have on the surrounding areas. It is estimated that one in ten new homes in England are built on flood plains, so a flood risk assessment has become a normal practice within planning applications. Information will be collated using modelling from the Environment Agency and expert data sets, and a full overview of the site undertaken by a specialist company of your choosing.

A flood risk assessment is required under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the Environment Agency (EF) whenever a new development is located in a critical drainage area, flood zone 2 or 3 or where a site is larger than 1 hectare in flood zone 1. A flood risk assessment is also a requirement should a development be located within 20 metres of an environment agency river.

If you are in the need of a flood risk assessment it is important that you choose to work with an expert service with the experience and knowledge to provide you with a thorough and accurate report. Without this knowledge there could be problems further down the line relating to a property and surrounding areas. There are many different flood plains in the UK and with climate change and the worsening of weather patterns we could all have to get used to seeing worse examples of floods in the future. That is why it is vital that clear and accurate reports are undertaken when it comes to flood risk assessments for a wide variety of reasons.

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