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Proper Packaging is Directly Proportional to Increase in Sales and Satisfied Customers

The market for corrugate packaging is evolving with the flourishing e-commerce business. Earlier with the cardboard boxes, people were slightly dissatisfied with the packaging style. Moreover, the package was always unsafe as the cardboard boxes are thin and single layer. However, with the three layers corrugated boxes, the product is protected and it looks appealing since customers feel that the company is concerned about their product and its quality.

Corrugated boxes come in different shapes and sizes. Many brands focus on the packaging because they don’t have the chance of displaying their products on the shelf with colourful packets. Thus, they pay extra attention to the packaging style of corrugated boxes. Some companies also order customized boxes from manufacturers, which fit their products perfectly.

Belley is the largest distributor of corrugated boxes in North East of America. Their warehouses are in Quebec, Ontario, Oregon, British Columbia, and Vermont. They not only customize boxes, but also print creative designs on it. They store boxes for your business in their warehouse, which leaves your office store with space. Whenever you require boxes, they deliver it in no time.

Using corrugated boxes has its benefits –


Corrugated boxes have three layers out of which the middle layer is fluted. It prevents shock, moisture and variation in temperature. Companies that use single-layer cardboard boxes, often receive complaints from their customers that the product was damaged or the box tampered. With corrugated packaging, you don’t need to worry about the safety of the shipment. The sheet is thick and hard which prevents any damage. The receiving end is also happy with the packaging, and plans to reorder from the same company.


The food company has seen an increase in shelf life of all their edible items that were shipped in corrugated boxes instead of plastic. This is because due to the fluted layer between two flat sheets in a corrugated box. It allows air to circulate within the layers to keep it safe from moisture and change in temperature. Thus, fruits and vegetables and poultry are fresh even after a long duration of shipping.

Different Designs and Styles

Manufacturers ensure that companies get their desired boxes which are customized as per their products. This is done to place the product in the box that fits perfectly with the product. Different attractive designs through tough boxes to maintain the good health of the product helps in satisfying your customer.

Companies understand that the first thing that a customer gets attracted to is the packaging. If you deliver products in a reusable and recyclable box, they recognize you as a brand.

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