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How to Safely Operate your Pet Care Business During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With COVID-19 continuously progressing, it is difficult to ignore the impacts of this pandemic. As a pet care business owner, you may already be familiar with the thrall of this deadly disease. But, you will want to continue to offer essential services while keeping your staff, clients, and pets in your care safe. This post will give you recommendations for how you can continue to operate your business safely for all involved parties and how you can take advantage of pet grooming software:

Stay Abreast of Local Laws and Regulations

With the social distancing orders and COViD-19 restrictions, you must stay in tune with the changing tide. Aside from tracking the news at the national level, try to get continuous access to local news. Set up notifications to get real-time updates on your area’s status of orders using reliable pet grooming software.Knowing about new regulations early will help you adjust your strategy faster.

Review your Business Plan

When you launched your business, you made choices to make sure your business will make a profit and offer value to pet care clients. From the way you price your services to how you would budget for expenses, the business plan for your pet care business will directly affect your daily operations. You have probably outlined this plan and have not reviewed it since. But, as this global pandemic shakes up your operation, now is the time to review your business plan. When revising your business plan, examine it for profit and insurance considerations. Check if there are areas you can cut business expenses to stay operational during this time. Also, see if your pet care business insurance includes any coverage for loss of business.

Update your Emergency Contact Records

Your operations may have to change. You may need to reduce service hours, decrease staff and service capacity to fit social distancing parameters, or pause all operations to comply with regulations. If any of these should happen, you want to quickly and easily communicate the changes to your clients. This is only possible if you have updated contact information. With the right piece of pet grooming software, you can easily maintain client and pet profiles in one comprehensive dashboard. It also lets you send notifications to clients asking them to review their contact information.

Boost Hygiene and Sanitation Efforts

We all know that COVID-19 is transferable through human physical contact and through droplets on surfaces. If you stay open during this current pandemic, you need to keep your staff as healthy and safe as possible. You can do this by making hand wash stations and sanitizers readily available to staff and increasing the frequency of sanitation efforts.

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