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6 Tips to Make the Most of Your Office Meetings

There’s no denying that meetings are important for a business to function properly. They increase collaboration and enhance the team spirit o your employees, not to mention, give rise to innovative ideas that may propel the business. Although the COVID-19 situation has brought about several changes in the way companies hold meetings by prioritizing video conferences, there’s still no match for real-time discussions that happen inside a conference room.

With the situation improving with each passing day, it won’t be long before companies start holding real-time meetings again. So, why not upgrade your knowledge about office automation software to improve the chances of holding successful meetings?

You can also take a look at the following tips that can help you make the most of office meetings amidst the pandemic.

Invite limited people

You shouldn’t forget that you need to maintain social distancing at all costs to ensure the safety of the attendees. Hence, it’s better to invite a lesser number of people and call only the key personnel to attend the conference physically. Others may join through video conferencing tools.

Be ready with your agenda

Create a list of topics you need to address beforehand to prevent wasting any time. Prioritize the areas of importance and get to the point without beating around the bush. This will help you wrap the discussion up quickly and also provide the attendees enough time to communicate their ideas.

Stick to the schedule

If you need to start the discussion, it’s unwise and unprofessional to arrive late. So prepare the schedule in advance and stick to it, no matter what the situation is. While emergencies can always be understandable, excuses like you woke up late or traffic congestions may affect your reputation.

Don’t do all the talking

You should allocate some time for your speech and then ask the attendees to share their thoughts and ideas as well. This will ensure a balanced discussion and reduce boredom. If you give a long lecture, cur it down in points so that you can cover all of them within a definite timeframe.

Don’t divert

Stay on the topic of importance until you complete it efficiently and make room for others to speak. if you divulge from the topic, you may take longer to deliver your speech, which ultimately creates monotony in the room.

Keep your mobile off

Before entering the conference room, make sure you switch your mobile off or put it to silent mode. This will reduce distractions and help you stay focussed. You should also ask your attendees to put their mobile phones on silent too.

Wrapping it up

One of the many benefits of having advanced office space software is easy scheduling of meetings and conferences. It can also help you send reminders to all the attendees and notify them of changes in the schedule if any. An automated system can keep everyone on the same plane, thus avoiding confusion and hassles.

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